Welcome to my BOOKS page. I've been writing for several years on and off, but now find myself with a little more time to devote to thinking up ways to kill people and solve crimes. Set in both the UK and in the Deep South USA, I hope there is something here you enjoy. If you fancy a quick lunchtime read, then head to Consequences; four deliciously dark tales, each with a twist.

All are available via Amazon by clicking the links below and there are kindle versions of each book if you prefer that medium.



Set in Southern Georgia during President Kennedy's term in office, this novel centres around an ex Chicago homicide detective, Tom Bale, who is struggling to come to terms with his past. Six years ago, his wife was killed in a hit-and-run, the driver never found. Bale has slowly crawled his way back up from an alcoholic slide into depression and one day receives a phone call that turns his world upside down. He owes a debt to a friend and cannot refuse. Bale travels a 1000 miles south to the sleepy town of Paradise Creek, Georgia, to find a missing girl. He is immediately at odds in a racially divided town where strangers are not welcome and secrets are kept hidden. His investigations take him deep into the swamps to find the missing girl. She has been beaten, raped, left for dead. Bale delves further into the case and finds himself immersed in a web of corruption and lies that lead back to events spanning 15 years. Court trials have been manipulated, other girls have gone missing, never found, and innocent people have lost their lives. And it's down to Bale to stop history from repeating itself, even if it costs him his life.



Almost eight years after ex Detective Sergeant Simeon Cain fell into the deepest, darkest hell when his wife committed suicide, he has managed to rebuild his life and is now running a private investigation agency. He is hired to investigate a nine month old murder that the police have all but given up on, the killer has never been caught; the murder classed as a random violent mugging. Cain, finds himself thrown into a complex puzzle left behind by the murder victim, a translator who has by accident discovered information regarding drugs and people trafficking involving a Romanian gang and three prominent local business men. The daughter of the murdered man hires Simeon to do what he can to bring the real killer to justice, but all is not what it at first seems and Cain ends up fighting for his life and the life of a young Hungarian university student he has accidentally involved in the case. To the very end Cain is unaware that he has been manipulated right from the very start.



Four short stories about lust, greed, deceit, betrayal and murder. Each story is an easy lunchtime read with a delicious twist at the end



A short story about a successful horror-thriller writer's descent into madness as fantasy and reality combine and where nothing is quite what it at first seems.



A hit man is hired to kill a beautiful woman who is about to broker an illegal arms deal. But, against his better judgement he finds himself instantly attracted to her. She is so much more than she first appears to be and the consequence of their liaison over two nights in a hotel room is like nothing he could ever have imagined. Nothing so deadly


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